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We're all ears

Right from the first sketch, our design process is driven by feedback from the people who actually use our products (that’s you).

Jabra has a strong history of producing best-in-class solutions, combining engineering, design, and technology to create functional, professional, and - of course - attractive products.

We combine solid geometries and high-quality materials to create a professional, premium look and feel; with softer, more inviting forms, materials, and textures, paired with visually simplified tech elements, to create a harmonious, intuitive user experience.

Iain Pottie, Head of Design

For every ear

We scanned tens of thousands of ears to create our Mean Shape Ear, which we use to design our in-ear products, so they fit like they were literally made for you. And because of the way they’re designed, it’s like they were. (We think they look pretty great too. But we would say that.)

Function, meet form.

Perfecting a design needs a balance of technical know-how, instinct, and love, along with a deep understanding of who’s going to use it, and what for. We tweak, adjust, and fine-tune over and over again, crafting each product until it ticks every box. Because we don’t believe you should have to choose between function and form.

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Design that ignores the wider impact of what we create is not good design. Our designers and engineers collaborate with our sustainability team to think about every little detail of a product’s lifetime – including how it’ll ultimately be recycled. Viewing everything through a lens of ‘do no harm’ means we avoid potential future hazards and make products everyone can live with for a long, long time.

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